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Your contact information is yours!

Decide, not only who gets to have and keep your data but also who does not get to keep them any more.


You input only the mobile number of your contact partner in the app and at the same time which of your contact information you want to share with your contact person. Your contact person gets your information and then shares his contact information with you.


Stay in Contact

You move to a new address or you have new mobile number or you start a new job and thusly your contact data has changed. Sounds familiar? Just update your profile and your done! All or only your selected contacts gets your updated profile data automagically!
You don't need to tell them explicitly anymore!


Break up

We share our contact data with each other and we are in a relationship. But unfortunaltely, a break up is also a part of life. Just decide who doesn't get to keep your profile data anymore.

About Skweese

Why use skweese?

Just a couple of touches to update profile data. Through Skweese you always have up-to-date contact information of your contacts. With break up you decide who doesn't get to keep your profile data anymore. Skweese helps you simply to stay in contact with someone who also wants to stay in contact with you.


You type in the mobile number of your contact partner and you decide on the same screen, which of your profile data you want to share with him. Through touching the sync checkbox, you activate the automatic syncronisation with that contact partner. If your profile data changes in the future, this contact partner automatically gets your updated profile data including your picture or company logo, etc. Your contact partner get in couple of seconds a notification that you have saved his mobile number and you have shared your profile data with him. Now you get the profile data of your contact partner which he wants to share with you. Your contact partner doesn't have skweese lite yet! No problem, you can gift him Skweese directly on the same screen.


Your contact information has changed or you want to share your private telelphone number additionally to one of your contacts? When you change your profile, your changes are automatically reflected in your contact partner's phonebook. Of course, you can change update your profile precisely by all or only the selected contacts.

Break up

We want that you control your data, thats why you can delete your contact information from the phonebook of your selected contact person by simply breaking up with him. Of course, your contact partners have the same abiltity to break up with you.

Do not share your contact information without skweese.

--Only this way you get to control your contact information!--
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